Thursday, August 23, 2007

InfoLink: StarTrek - Behind the Scenes

If, like me, your childhood was filled with the adventures of Kirk and Spock in Star Trek's syndication, you'll appreciate this collection of photos of the models used for filming the pilot and the series. Lots of studio shots of the 11-foot Enterprise model on the soundstage as well as details on the model itself. Good stuff for both the historian and the geek in you!

StarTrek - Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

InfoLink: American Experience - Behind the Scenes

For a documentary on James Eads, an American engineer, a miniature diving bell was constructed. This section on the PBS Web site talks about the process of shooting models with cinematographer Boyd Estus.

"Art Director Katha Seidman created a six-inch high model of Eads' diving bell using basswood, lead fishing weights, copper wire and a fish tank hose. The shot of the diving bell from below was achieved by shooting the reflection of the model in a mirror as the model was lowered into a water tank. The camera was on the outside of the tank. The mirror was positioned on the bottom of the tank at a 25-degree angle to the floor."

American Experience: Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

InfoLink - Model Airplane Construction

While not specifically film-related, I had a great time following the progress of the construction of this 1:6.5 scale Russian Su-27 fighter plane. Many of the construction techniques utilized in making this plane would be used to produce large-scale, film-ready miniutures as well. If you're into building miniatures and not just admiring them, you'll surely pick up a few construction tips here. The project is very well documented.

Su-27 Construction

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

InfoLink - Science Fiction Sets & Vehicles

If science-fiction is your thing, you won't want to miss The Model Builder's Reference Vault for information on some of the miniatures created for classic sci-fi such as Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Gerry Anderson productions and more. There are several unique items, such as detailed plans and vehicles I haven't seen covered elsewhere, there are also plenty of behind-the-scenes images showing effects crews putting these beauties together. Lots to see and read from someone who has been admiring these miniatures for a long time.

Science Fiction Sets & Vehicles

Sunday, January 28, 2007

InfoLink - Atlantis SFX

Here's a collection of photos from projects undertaken by Atlantis SFX, apparently somewhere in Germany. Various buildings, vehicles and structures get destroyed in miniature, with plenty of behind-the-scenes shots to whet your appetite. I especially like the Boeing 737 in what looks to be around 1/6 scale. Click the links at the top of the page to view the different projects.

The Model Shop

Monday, January 22, 2007

InfoLink - Miniatures at TheSign

Over at TheSign Digital Pictures Entertainment, they have a small gallery of their work that's worth looking at. Mostly sci-fi themed, and I don't recognize the movie (movies?) they are from. The background photo shows a builder detailing a large spaceship model and you can see the shelves filled with model kits used for kitbashing.

TheSign Digital Pictures Entertainment -LINK IS DEAD-

Friday, January 05, 2007

InfoLink - Practical Virtues: Three Physical Effects Artists Explain Why Business Is Booming

In this Digital Content Producer article from 1998, several practitioners of old-school special effects are interviewed about their craft, including several comments about model-making and miniature use. Even though nearly ten years have passed since this article hit, I don't think much has changed. The comments about the use of physical effects in a digital age still stand, despite the advances in computers and digital imaging. Miniatures still have their place in filmmaking today, and it's not yet a "dying art."

Practical Virtues: Three Physical Effects Artists Explain Why Business Is Booming