Monday, March 11, 2013

"The Hobbit" - No Miniatures Allowed

Although "The Hobbit" has nearly completed it's theatrical run (I haven't seen it yet, but it just hit the local cheap theater so I'll likely see it this week), I hadn't read much about the production. Apparently, there won't be a "miniatures" section when the Special Editions hit the DVD.

During production, director Peter Jackson said, "This time around, there are no miniatures. It’s all done with CGI.  Everything that we need to build, from a miniature point of view, we build as a CG miniature. I can now swoop in, over rooftops and through doorways. I can do things that I never could have dreamt of doing with the miniatures. For me, that’s actually one of the most profound differences." 

Profound? Indeed. I can appreciate the benefits of CGI. Really, I can. But hearing that Peter Jackson has removed miniatures from his toolbag makes me feel very, very sad.

“The Hobbit” Special Effects To Be All CGI – No Miniatures Allowed

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